Friday, April 02, 2004

I just got back from the Coralridge (Coral Ridge?) Mall. They had this big tank of hermit crabs out there. The best part? The hermit crabs' shells were painted all these wild colors. I've never seen anything done like that before. One of the shells even had a pair of mini-sunglasses pasted onto it. I bet that hermit crab was the coolest of them all.

Adam wondered if there were any hermit crab shells that were painted to look like Garfield. Right then, I decided I would ask the hermit crab people to paint me a "Garfield" hermit crab shell. And I would buy it. And take it home. And actually name the hermit crab: "Garfield."

But there was nobody around. Who was selling these hermit crabs anyway?

Maybe it was a mystery hermit crab tank that was just set out in the mall to trick people - trick them into thinking that you could get a Garfield hermit crab, that is.

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