Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Ten more days until "David Mows Yards" is delivered to your front doorstep (FRIDAY, APRIL 23rd - 7:30pm - W10, John Pappajohn Building).

Right now, I got about 10 minutes of "film time" left to edit. I hope to be done by Saturday, April 17th, so my boys DJ "Oil-Can" Ruden and Steve "High-Tops" Heuertz can start burning enough DVD copies to sell at the screening. Cuz I need to make some $$$. So far, I've spent about $110 on "post-production" costs ($50 for the blank DVD+R's and $60 for publicity).

Oh, yeah. Publicity. Hopefully, you'll see a "David Mows Yards" poster near you. My boy Johnny "Oil-Can High-Top" Muller designed them and I am much impressed by (as well as obliged for) his work . I've turned the poster into flyer-sized (8.5"x11"), announcement-sized (11"x17"), and handbill-sized (11"x17" split into quarter sheets) ready to be distributed. But getting them all out is next week's business though. If I did it now, the posters would be torn down and everybody'd forget.

THIS WEEK'S BUSINESS is actually getting the movie done. Fortunately, I only have 3 parts left to edit. They are:

1. "Helen agrees" montage
2. Tree Stump scene
3. Walking Backwards sequence/End credits

Those titles mean everything to you. I gave them "code names," so there wouldn't be any spoilers. Cuz... you know... the Internet is salivating for "DMY SPOILERS!!!"

Welp. Back to work.

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