Wednesday, November 26, 2003

So, I had this running "motif" (you could call it that, I guess) through my movie. At three different points, the characters of David, Joan, and David's mother were going to have a moment where they sang a little song to themselves. They were songs they made up on the spot (to concentrate on their surroundings and distract themselves from the stuff going around them) David's song, for instance, was: "I'm in my room. I'm in my room. There's nothing to do and I'm in my room." Joan's was: "It's a beautiful day outside. It's a beautiful day outside. It's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day outside." Etc, etc, etc. You get the idea. People make up songs to themselves all the time.

But that's all gone now. Edited out.

I felt I was tipping my hand too much. Showing the characters inner-thoughts a little too broadly. So it's no longer in the movie.

This has been a consistent occurence during the editing process. I realized that in the writing and shooting, I had a lot of character-defining lines and actions, but now, as it the movie is being assembled, I'm realizing how unnecessary that is. Those ideas are being expressed naturally as the story is being told.

Of course, there's a danger of some stuff (i.e. motives, behaviors) being unclear and unexplained to viewers, but I'd rather have things be a little too vague rather than a little too obvious.

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