Sunday, November 30, 2003

I reached my goal and edited one more sequence. In this sequence, two different scenes are intercut. Originally, it was written as two separate scenes, but I realized during the editing process that the scene-after-scene format was growing pretty stale and predictable, so I squashed 'em together. Hopefully, it'll SPICE THINGS UP!

Intercutting is pretty neat. I was able to cut out expository lines from each scene - simply because the juxtaposition of two scenes provided its own information. Weeee!

It's 6:30am. Is Hamburg Inn open yet? I feel like treating myself to a delicious breakfast. It'll SPICE THINGS UP!

After I was done editing, I turned on the TV. "Beat the Geeks" was on Comedy Central. I really liked that show when it was on (as in, not at 6:00am). It was funny. One contestant was asked to name the 1995 Adam Sandler comedy in which Sandler had to repeat grades 1-through-12. Her answer?

"Momma's Boy."

What the hell?

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