Friday, November 28, 2003

Editing continues....

I've scrapped that troublesome "job hunting montage." I don't care if it would have "big laugh" moments. The humor didn't match the rest of the movie's tone. It's for the better.

Now I'm happy to say that the video's first 35 minutes has consistent comic sensibilities. Nobody may actually consider them "comic," but at least, it's consistent.

I've been in my dorm room for 38 hours straight now (with a few trips down the hall to go the bathroom). I'll probably be in here until 6pm tomorrow. That'd be 55 hours in the same space. Gouche.

I edit. I take a break to eat sandwiches. I edit some more. Then I go to sleep. Repeat this.

Not that I'm bitchin'. I'm likin' this. A lot.

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