Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Last year, while I was making "America's Funniest American," I didn't show it to anybody - save for the few actors who appeared in it.

But now, with "David Mows Yards," I've been showing it to a few more people. I've gotten some feeback, which is helpful and confirmed the concerns I had with it.

As a result, I'm going back to re-edit some scenes. The initial scene between David and his mother is being shortened. For one thing, it was too long as it is and secondly, it cuts out a question the mom asks David about his personal life. Originally, the question was to show how little she knows about his personal life, but then I realized... her not asking at all speaks a lot more. So it's gone.

I'm also cutting down the "job hunting montage." Although it's fun and brings some comic relief, it goes on too long and thus, destroys the whole point of it being there - tonally speaking.

I've also cut out an entire two scenes where David meets his first two lawnmowing clients. From the very beginning, I knew they weren't very essential to the plot, but I had them in there, so it didn't seem like the viewer was being drug along by the plot (the idea being that by taking moments to get distracted and chill out with characters would be satisfying). Turns out... it just makes you antsy for the movie to keep moving along. The thing is... you were 27 minutes into the movie and you still hadn't met the second-billed character. Now, instead, you meet that character 22 minutes into the movie, which is a little better.

And so continues the editing...

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