Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I just deleted the first 15 minutes of my video - on purpose. Now, I've gained some more space on my hard-drive and I can capture more footage to keep on editing. It's a continuing process. You capture footage. You edit it. You save it. Then you delete it to make more room. On and on.

The reason I didn't delete the first 30 minutes is because I'm still debating on a montage. I don't want to delete it because I may want to make some changes later. It's a tonal thing. I don't know if the jokes are too "over-the-top" - especially considering that the first 15 minutes are pretty dry.

But the first "act" of the video is done and now I begin editing the next "act." In total, the movie probably has 4 acts/sections: 1) David needs a job and finds a job, 2) David meets his clients, 3) David meets Natalie, and 4) the finale.

Tonight, I'm going to "Yes, Shame." I haven't been able to go at all this semester b/c of a Tuesday night class. But I'm going now!

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