Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Whoops. I guess I let this go without updating for a few days. I had gotten better with that, but now I've failed again. New Year's Resolution? Keep up with Weblog. Second New Year's Resolution? Don't make New Year's Resolutions until it's actually New Year's.

Tomorrow, I have to hand in the script for my senior thesis video. As usual, I let it go until the last minute. But also, as usual, I planned out everything in my head, so that when the time came to write it, I'd know what to do. It's not the best plan of action, but it gets me by.

Anyway, my senior thesis is a short fictional video called "Janitor." It's about a man who's only escape from his unsatisfied life is pitying the janitor in his office. It's a comedy.

However... last night at 6am, I decided I totally hate that idea. It sucks. The office thing is PLAYED OUT. And it's all saddy mucky-mook. Blargh. No. I hate that. Blargh... again.

So... I came up with a new idea. It's a culmination of things that I've been thinking about for the past few months. It's about Lost Child centers. And abadonment. And children with their mothers. And men who refuse to grow up.

I'm working on the script right now. I think I can get it done by tomorrow morning - after Intermedia class and the "My Business Failed in Three Weeks" show. Of course, that will take some burnin' of the ol' midnight oil... or as I like to call it, "takin' Meth."

Happy New Year's!

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