Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I got the first two scenes edited for "David Mows Yards."

Originally, I had a 45-second bridge between the first two scenes. It was all edited and ready to be in the movie, but I cut it. For one reason, it didn't work rhythmically and secondly, it was this weird excursion trying to explain David's mood/state.

And in my opinion, no audience should get that close to a film's principal character after just two minutes of the movie. Keep 'em at arm's length as long as you can, I say. Just look at "Raging Bull." Why's that boxer so angry? Why's he want to punch things (i.e. other boxers, prison walls, his wife's face)? You don't know! But you get a feeling or a sense of feeling and holy crap if that don't power the entire film.

Goddamn. Watching all those "Rocky" movies made me really want to watch "Raging Bull" again.

I also want to watch "The Ice Storm" again. I've seen it a bunch, but... I'll watch it again. Have you seen it? It's DEAD-ON in its recreation of that weird zone between childhood and full-fledged adulthood where sex is intriguing and scary and gross and exciting.

Because you know, once you become an adult, sex quits becomming those things. Right?


I just realized that I (in a round-about-way) compared my movie to "Raging Bull." Well, that's just not true. These two movies are incomparable.

"David Mows Yards" is sooooo much better than "Raging Bull."

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