Saturday, September 13, 2003

So... John Ritter's dead. And that bums me out.

Because over the past few years, I've grown to appreciate John Ritter more and more. I'd watch reruns of "Three's Company" on Nick at Nite and just laugh my ass off. The guy was so funny. And it was great because it was a really "classical" form of comedy, too - like punchlines delivered in the most perfect timing and pratfalls done so precisely.

And the best part was that he wasn't doing it with a sly wink or a nudge-nudge. This man earnestly made you want to laugh. And he'd commit to it. Fully. And that's really rare to find in comedy after the 1960's.

Don't get me wrong. I love Bill Murray and Steve Martin as much as the next guy (in fact, I probably like those actors more than John Ritter), but it was just refreshing to see somebody who has no hang-ups about wanting to entertain you.

Plus, I can't find a more charismatic actor in films or television. Seriously. I dare you to find another actor who made you want to be friends with his characters as much as John Ritter did.

So, a few nights ago, a friend and I were watching this video called "Strong Kids, Safe Kids," which happened to feature John Ritter. During the video, my friend turned to me and said, "John Ritter seems like a really nice guy." And I replied, "I know!" Then we both agreed how what he was saying was really cheesy and corny, but John Ritter made you believe it. This, in my opinion, is the ideal actor.

Also... this is the most I've ever written about somebody's death in my entire life.

Sorry, Grandpa Ted.

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