Saturday, September 27, 2003

"My Business Failed in Three Weeks" has got another hour before our show. In the meantime, we are playing "Rocky" the videogame. I am not one for videogames. This is evidenced by me recently getting beat four times in a row. Badly. Like my boxer was a really strong guy and the other boxer was an old man. And I still got beat. Super-beat.

This afternoon, "My Business Failed in Three Weeks" spent a $100 gift certificate at West Music. We received it as "pay" for playing a show. That meant we got to spend $100 however we wished. I bought a bass tuner. Jake bought some drum-heads. DJ bought a guitar book.

Also, we all bought white gloves - you know, the kind that conductors wear. We're going to wear them for the show. Everybody will think we're fancy.

If they don't already.

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