Sunday, September 07, 2003

If you go into Calvin Hall on the University of Iowa campus - to drop a class or get a new photo ID card or whatever - check out the door on the way to the lower level. On the door, there is a sign that reads "Emergency Exit to the Right" or something like that. Anyway, below it, there is this odd clip-art of cartoon children smiling and waving. It's weird.

Anyway, a year ago, last fall, I saw this sign and I scrawled a word bubble above the children's heads. It said, "We didn't make it!" In essence, I was helping Calvin Hall. I was finally making sense of them using such a ridiculous clip-art - you know, suggesting that all those cartoon children died in a horrible fire or something.

My point is... that sign (with my addition)... is still up! After a year! You'd think somebody would take that down by now. Not that I mind. In fact, it's exciting to think that hundreds and hundreds of people have probably read that sign - especially considering that they are standing in a line and when you stand in a line, you look at everything just to pass the time.

More people have probably seen that sign than all my No Shame pieces combined. This makes me proud.

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