Monday, July 07, 2003

Today, I continued shooting with Karen Schroeder, my high school teacher in Advanced Speech and Honors English. She was also my Large Group and Individual Speech coach, too. Karen, in fact, taught me a lot about acting and performing and whatnot, so it's cool that I get to act with her now. She keeps insisting that she's "no actress," but she's been doing well.

I've edited a couple scenes for the movie already. Last night, I finally completed a scene that had been giving me trouble. It was ridiculous. It took me a total of 12-15 hours (over three days) to edit a single, two-minute scene. I reeeaaallly hope that it's because I'm rusty with editing and wasn't a sign of the future. I mean, I was being "particular" (a.ka. "picky") and stuff, but I hope I cool off for the rest of the editing. I don't want it to take that long for each scene.

The bad part is... I may end up re-shooting that scene in the end anyway. Of course, I'll only do it if there's enough time when all the shooting's done. I can't waste my time with somewhat un-necessary shooting.

It's just a struggle, trying to picks shots that are good performance-wise, but also work technically. A lot of times, you end up having to sacrifice one or the other. And there's the whole issue of pacing and rhythm, which I consider "the lifeblood" of a scene and if you don't get that right, then the whole thing sucks.

Do you hear that, students? Professor Rust says rhythm is "the lifeblood of a scene."

What the hell do I know?

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