Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Omaha was fun. I hung out with Omaha citizens John Henry Muller and his wife Denise - in addition to fellow expatriates Brian "Fetus" Langel, Jake "T-Shirt" Livermore, and Emily "Bet Your Bottom Dollar" Light.

While there, I saw The Eels in concert. It rocked. The best thing was that The Eels do different renditions of their songs while performing live. So they rocked out on "Novacaine for the Soul" and slowed things up on "Last Stop: This Town." Plus, their new sound (they go thru different incarnations) was that of a "bar band." Really raunchy and skronky and good. They ended with four encores. Four encores. And surprisingly, it made sense. It worked.

I'm leaving for Iowa City in a couple hours. I'm going to see my friends' plays and shoot some stuff for "David Mows Yards."

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