Monday, July 28, 2003

I'm back in LeMars. But soon enough, I will pick up my duds and scoot again.

Tomorrow, I'm going fishin' with my pops. Somewhere in South Dakota. Pixton, perhaps?

Whatever the case, it's bondin' time for Poppa Bob and Sonny Paul. We get up early. We fish. We swim in the lake when it gets too hot.

When my dad jumps into the lake for a swim, he'll stand on the edge of the boat and fall back-first into the water. Right before he does it though, he says, "I'm gonna' take the Nestea plunge." It's pretty funny. I hope he does it again.

Today, I'm continuing to shoot the movie. I got less than two weeks to shoot around 20% of the movie. Hold onto your fingers and keep your butts crossed.

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