Thursday, July 03, 2003

Last night, I went on my first run since I've been back from California. As usual, I ran down at the public school's track around 2 am. It's great at that time. No one else is there. The air is cool. There's no hot sun out to destroy you. Unfortunately, they were doing construction on the track and the gates were all locked up. But that didn't stop me! I jumped that fence like a cat burgular!

You know, I don't even know why they prohibit the public from running on the track. There was nothing wrong with it. I think the asphalt (or whatever that is) is still a little loose and granite-y, but that's it. I mean, I could run on it.

In fact, I ran a little over 5 miles in about 40 minutes. I am Carl Lewis and Dr. J! It felt great. Exhausting, but great. As cheesy as it sounds, the few times I know I'm alive and experiencing life is when I'm running. My legs burn. My arms throb. My heart pumps an ocean's worth of blood. When I got done running, I laid out on the track, looking up at the stars and letting the night air enter my lungs.

When I got up, I had asphalt granite stuck all over my back. That kinda sucked.


Yesterday, shooting continued with "David Mows Yards." It was with the neighborhood dog Stanley, a basid (?) hound. It was a very long day. 92 degree weather and an untrained dog. Geesh!

Major "props" go to my right-hand man DJ Ruden. Without him, the whole day would have been a disaster.

Thanks, Dr. Ruden!

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