Wednesday, July 16, 2003

So far, with my movie, I have shot 18 60-minute DV tapes. And I'm only halfway (or a little more) done with the entire project. That means, I could potentially have 35 60-minute DV tapes to edit down into an hour-and-a-half movie.

This will be difficult.

I don't understand it. Last year, with "America's Funniest American," I only used 10 tapes total. And I don't think "David Mows Yards" will be any much longer. Although, I kind of understand why I have so many tapes. I've been doing a lot more takes of scenes with this movie than I have previously.

This is both a blessing and a curse during editing. It's great because I get to have a broad spectrum of performances and I can pick the best one, but it's bad because... for the same reasons. It's too many choices and you end up having to go through each one carefully. And it's maddening trying to choose the best one.

Yesterday, I began setting up a show that will help raise money for my movie. It will be in LeMars at the Museum stage. My Business Failed in Three Weeks (the band I'm in) and a couple other local high school bands will be playing. Hopefully, it will make me some cold, hard cash.

Plus, it's a live rock show. Which is always fun.

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