Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Yesterday, Adam and I went to a taping of Jeopardy!

It was way awesome. Beloved host Alex Trebek made jokes about how he enjoys female sportscasters on ESPN (because he can watch them be hot) and kidded that a stupid guy on the crew was hired because of "The Americans with Disabilities Act."

What a nice, grown man.

And to answer your question... no, we did not get to see Jeopardy! contestant Ken "75 Wins" Jennings in action. In case you haven't heard, he lost last Thursday (which happened to be the show's previous day of shooting). This means that Adam and I were one day away from seeing "The Great Fall of Jennings."

Awwww, well.

Fortunately, we did get to see a photo of Alex Trebek's young children on jumbo TV screens. And in his charateristic trait of limitless compassion, Mr. Trebek commented how his 8 year-old daughter looked cross-eyed.

Daily Double indeed!

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