Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Rumors are circulating that there's been another addition to the Celebrity Sight-o-List.

Well, folks! The rumors are true!

1. Dave "Gruber" Allen (Monday, August 30th, 2004)
2. Gedde Watanabe (Tuesday, September 14th, 2004)

Watanabe, of course, portrayed 1984's favorite foriegn-exchange student, Long Duk Dong, from John Hughes' landmark Sixteen Candles. He was drinking tea with a friend.


Some of you maybe wondering, "But, Paul, you saw Alex Trebek yesterday. Why didn't he make the Celebrity Sight-o-List?" Well, that's because I have certain guidelines. Geeze, you can be so accusatory. Asshole.

One rule: All brushes-with-celebrity must be spontaneous. I knew, for instance, that going to Jeopardy! would guarantee a celebrity-sighting. The same was true with seeing Bob Odenkirk at the Comedy Death Ray show or Vincent Gallo at the Brown Bunny vs. Predator screening.

However, if I had gone to Jeopardy! and seen... Prince... in the audience, I could have put Prince on the list. But I didn't see Prince. I saw Alex Trebek make jokes about his daughter having cross-eyes.

Triple Double indeed!

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