Monday, March 01, 2004

Two things I've never written a No Shame piece about:

1. Catholicism
2. How I've never drank or drugged

To be sure, I've mentioned once (maybe twice) before in a No Shame piece that I don't drink or do drugs. And certainly, the overwhelming guilt, anxiety, and repression of Catholicism has fueled every single piece I've ever written at No Shame Theatre, but I've never explicity addressed either subject in a No Shame piece.

Which is odd...

Because... you know, these subjects take up a major part of my life. My choice to not drink or do drugs has had a pretty big effect on my social/personal life and although I'm not a very "religious" or even say "spiritual" person, I know that 13 years of Catholic education and weekly mass-attendance must have made some impact on me.

So why don't I write about it? Not just at No Shame, but at all? Like in this weblog, for instance.

It's definitely not because they don't interest me. There's some fairly-interesting stuff going on w/ my refusal to partake in alcohol or drugs. What scares me about it? What drives me to do it? And why do I refuse the label "straight edge?" Oh, wait. I know. Because it's lame-ass.

And clearly... Catholicism is, by far, the coolest religion on the block. Show me another religion that's so rich in pain and pathos. Or try this: imagine a Martin Scorsese movie as if he wasn't raised Catholic. Actually, don't. I'll tell you. It's called "One Night at McCool's." And it sucks. Hard.

I guess I probably don't write about these things because... they're so much around me that I don't even find it necesarry to talk about it. Like I've never written about being an RA. Because... well, that's your job. And what can you say about your job that you can't say to your co-workers?

I say this, but I guarantee you that this week's No Shame piece will be entitled "I'm an RA Who Knows the Stations of the Cross, but Has Never Drank a Schlitz."

Just you watch.

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