Sunday, March 21, 2004

Paul, what movies have you seen recently? Well, bloggy I'm glad you asked!

1. "Twisted" (Cinema 10 Theatres - Panama City, Florida)

Ashley Judd is a hot lady-cop in San Francisco. Why, she can pull me over anytime! She can also give me polygraph tests anytime! And what? You want to take my fingerprints for evidence? Sure thing, lady-cop! Have a nice day. Bye, lady-cop!

2. "Dawn of the Dead" (Campus Three Theatre - Iowa City, Iowa)

It's too bad this movie didn't have a zombie-baby in it. I'm really disappointed by the overall lack of zombie-babies in this film. Oh, wait!

3. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (Campus Three Theatre - Iowa City, Iowa)

Yay! I can count about three times when I was totally floored by a scene or a performance or even a single line. And that's about three more times than 95% of the movies I see. So that's pretty cool. Yay to being floored.

(And for all you Hillary Duff fans: Good news! There's only a few moments when you are distracted by an overly self-conscious Jim Carrey performance.)

4. "Superman 3" (Paul's Dorm Room - Iowa City, Iowa)

"Twisted" had lady-cop. "Deader Dawn-Dawn" had zombie-baby. "Supe 3" got a robot-woman. Did robot-woman scare you as a kid? Did Richard Pryor make you laugh? Is "Superman 3" the best film of the series? The answers to all of these questions (and more) is: "Douche!"

See you at the movies!

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