Monday, March 22, 2004

Today, I began editing my Honors Thesis video project "Wet Cotton" (as I simultaneously finish editing "David Mows Yards").

So far, it's been going well. I've decided on an all-Pixies soundtrack, so that's pretty cool. I was going to make my own musical score, but I knew I'd be going for a "Pixies feel" with the sound anyway and I just decided, "Well, if I want the Pixies, I might as well use the real thing." Why give Don Bluth when everybody wants Walt Disney, right?

Besides, I've come to find out through the UI Cinema Dept. that "copyright worries" are for suckers. I used to think it was super-required on the ol' video-festival circuit. But apparently, it's common procedure to lie and say that you have copyright permission when you submit something. So... since everybody else is doing it, why can't I jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, too?

But back to the Pixies soundtrack... Why them in particular? Because... they fit. For me, early Pixies songs ('87-'89), which I'm primarily using, have a really warm sound. Earthy. Tex-Mex. At least, the guitars. But then the bass-and-drums are really cold and enamel-y. And the setting for my movie? A men's public restroom that is alternately cold and sterile (the tiles, porcelian) as well as warm and womb-ish (the lighting, flesh-and-skin). So the music fits the setting. Look what a cinema degree taught me!

Plus... a lot of the early songs are about bones and injuries and all that... which... say it with me... "tie in with the themes."

And most of all, the Pixies rock and rockin' music can make a shitty video less shitty.

Look sharp!

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