Thursday, March 25, 2004

Isn't "Saturday Night Live" hilarious?
Well now you can get twice the Kevin Nealon's with...

(new sketch comedy featuring No Shame valentines Jamal River, Paul Rust, Michele Thompson)

It's the "Welcome to Mooseport" of sketch comedy!

In other news...

The first 75 minutes of "David Mows Yards" are done. A few scenes need some touch-ups in regards to smoother editing and more interesting "sound-scaping," but all in all, it's complete.

When a project is this far along, one thing I like to do is look at the "time breakdowns." I break the video into equal sections and then take a look at what the movie's doing at those points. So, if this movie is indeed 100 minutes long (as I plan), then that would be five 20-minute sections - or put another way, "5 acts."

I did this. I looked at each 20-minute mark (20 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes, and soon 80 minutes) and I'm happy to report the video is "structurally sound." At every 20-minute mark, a new "act" begins. It's nice how well this worked out. I was a little worried about the movie being lopsided - lingering on certain sections while others got totally ignored - but I think it'll be alright.

That doesn't mean the audience won't be completely bored though, which I think is my major concern. But I keep hacking away - hoping to keep it as engaging as possible.

Seven more segments left to edit.

Collect them all.

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