Saturday, March 20, 2004

Editing resumes on "David Mows Yards"...

This afternoon, I cut out an entire scene from the beginning of the movie. It occurred to me how un-necesarry it was. Sure, the scene clarified plot-points and fleshed out the dynamics between David and his mother, but it also slowed down the beginning. Fortunately, those plot-points can be gleaned later in the movie and if anything, by not showing David and his mother in this particular situation, it adds more power to the scenes you do see them in.

In general, the beginning of the movie has been victim to many cuts. Two "first customer" scenes and an entire montage have been scrapped. And one scene was trimmed of nearly three minutes. Why? They were all "throat-clearing." Now, with the edits, the real "hook"/foundational concept of the movie is introduced by the 17-minute mark. Which may still sound like a lot... but it could have been 30 minutes. Or 35.

I suppose all of this has been one benefit of the prolonged editing process. If I had rushed getting the movie done, that scene I cut today would have still existed in the final cut. And later, I'd regret it.

Which is good... because as I've said before, this movie cannot go over 100 minutes. By taking my time, I'm making it as lean as possible.

It will stand at 6'2'', 145 pounds - I promise you.

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