Sunday, January 04, 2004

Last night, I went to a midnight movie! Yay! Midnight movies are fun! I'm trying to remember all the ones I've been to (and I'm talking revival movies, not any of those early premieres like "The Phantom Menace," "Matrix Reloaded," or "IQ"). In memory, they are:

1. Reservoir Dogs (April 1995 with big sis Amy in Chicago - black man in audience makes audible grunt when one reservoir dog drops the "n word")
2. Waiting for Guffman (in summer 2002 with Johnny-n-Denise Muller in Omaha - one particular audience member attempts to say lines with characters onscreen, but is always three seconds off, leading another audience member to yell, "Shut up!")
3. Fight Club (December 2002 with Johnny Muller in Omaha - majority of audience laughs at jokes I never liked and consequently makes me not only question the cult value of this film, but also my own relation to it)

Is that it? It feels like I've been to more midnight movies in my life. Remind me in my guestbook (to the right) if I have.

So... what was the midnight movie I went to last night/earlier today? Hold onto your Samuel L. Jacksons...


It was awesome. I saw AUTHENTIC footage of REAL DEATHS! Like a mutant leech eating a woman's arm and horses tearing a Russian man apart. NONE OF THIS WAS FAKED! ALL TRUE! I also saw devil worshippers, dog-eating Asians, and dolphin bones! Terryifying!

Afterwards, I received a certificate that proved I made it through watching "Faces of Death 4." Guess who it was signed by? That's right! The Angel of Death himself! Weeeee!

Later, I sunk 5 dollars into a claw machine at Perkin's. I didn't win anything, but things could be worse. I could be Russian and torn apart by horses.

Or have to see dolphin bones in real life!


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