Sunday, January 18, 2004

A couple days ago, I had RA ("Resident Assistant!") training. I was at one workshop seminar known as "Rockstar RA's" where RA's have the opportuinity to speak with noteworthy RA's within a panel discussion. Before the beginning of the workshop, another RA (from a different dorm) sat down beside me. I had spoken with her last semester, so I struck up another conversation to kill time before the workshop began.

Sometime during the short chat, she mentioned that she was interested in poetry and that's why she was going to school. Then the workshop began. What sucked was... so whenever I'm bored (i.e. in class, on plane trips, at RA workshop seminars), I pull out a piece of paper and draft lyrics for My Business Failed in Three Weeks. It makes time by go fast and that way, I have new lyrics for the next time we get together and rehearse.

But I couldn't do that because she just told me that she was interested in poetry. And if she looked over and saw me writing poetry, I'd seem like the most transparent individual on the face of the earth. It'd be like:

HER: Oh... what are you doing?
ME: ("non-chalantly") What? Oh, nothing. Just... you know, writing my words.
HER: You like poetry, too?
ME: Like it? I love it. It's my life-blood. Isn't that amazing how much in common we have?

I didn't want this to happen.

So, instead, I began writing my No Shame piece for January 30th. Cuz that's the other thing I do when I'm bored and I find a pen and paper in my hand.

Doodling's for squares!

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