Thursday, January 08, 2004

A few friends and I went back to my high school today. Our goal was to eat an authentic Gehlen Catholic lunch. Did we achieve this goal?


It was "breakfast for lunch" - french toast, sausage links, peaches, and milk. Blast from the past. Tasty, too.

After lunch/breakfast for lunch, my old teacher Mr. Seivert invited us to his classroom. He introduced my friends and I to his students who were having class. One student named Josh was particularly wily and in front of the class, asked me a question. The following exchange occured.

Josh: Hey, Paul.
Paul: Hey.
Josh: Do you remember when I was in 8th grade and you were a senior? You pulled me into the bathroom and said, "Look, Josh... Bernardo's baking brownies."
Paul: What? (laughs) I didn't say that.
Josh: Yeah, you did. You said, "Bernardo's baking brownies."
Paul: ... I don't even know what that means.

I honestly don't recall ever doing this. This means there are three possibilites:
1) Josh was making this up
2) Josh truly believed I did this (even when I didn't) - perhaps because it seemed like "something Paul would do."
3) I did indeed do this and I've forgotten about it

But how is that possible? I got a good memory, right? I mean, who is this Bernardo? I don't even remember a Bernardo. I'm assuming a foreign exchange student, yes?

And "baking brownies?" What's that mean? Pooping? Does it mean "pooping?" I've never used this expression in my life.


Pulling someone into a bathroom and saying, "Hey, Josh... Bernardo's baking brownies" is pretty funny. I hope I did do this after all.

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