Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I just put up a bulletin board for my floor.

The title was:

(Note: I found these in an old, dusty RA storage box marked "January 1953")

- Do not waste your time dreaming the impossible: that man will someday walk on the moon
- Relax by watching a new movie - "Abbott and Costello Meet the Wolfman"
- When playing football, wear one of those leather helmets with straps and no face-mask
- Take comfort in the knowledge that America will never fight a war in Vietnam
- Imagine the day when we no longer have to live in black-and-white
- Eagerly anticipate the birth of future RA Paul Rust: April 12, 1981

Some rejected tips were:
- Impress friends with new expressions like: "That shirt is cooking with gas!" or "Cool."
- Keep your eyes open for communist sympathizers and report them immediately to the US Army
- Buy fashionable clothes for that special lady: a poodle skirt, corset, and Hypercolor t-shirt

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