Monday, August 04, 2003

Busy weekend.

On Saturday morning, I shot a scene that required 18 actors to be at my house. Why? I will not tell you. No spoilers! Needless to say, my mom had enough fruit pizza, coffee, and orange juice for us all. My mother is awesome. So far, she's made brunch, a birthday cake, and a bird-bag for my movie. Plus, she's acting in it.

Here's some recent articles about my movie. CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!

An article in The LeMars Daily Sentinel and The Sioux City Journal

The movie fundraiser/rock show on Saturday was fun. The opening bands, Deadside and Sweatpants Tuesday, brought in the folks and rocked their world. Our set was fun - long, but fun - and I sweated through my shoulders. There was over 100 people there, which means a lot of budget help for me. I owe a lot to those bands who got people to come and also agreed to play for free.

My dad told me a story about a grandmother who was holding her grand-daughter outside during a lightning storm. A lighting bolt hit the grandma and blew her heart out of her back. The grand-daughter survived. Weird.

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