Sunday, August 31, 2003

Starting tonight and going into tomorrow, I will take part in a "Rocky" marathon with my friends. This means that I will be watching all five "Rocky" movies in the span of 12 hours. So the only time I will be standing up is to get pizza and to take a pee and/or crap. It should be pretty fun.

I've actually never seen an entire "Rocky" movie - let alone all five. I've seen most of the first "Rocky," but never from start to finish. And I remember going to "Rocky IV" in the theatre when I was four, but I don't recall anything about the movie itself (with the exception of James Brown singing and somebody practicing in a barn). So to watch an entire series for the first time all at once should be pretty neat.

For those of you who think this marathon will be the ultimate test of wills, it really won't be. My friends and I endured much more in the past. Last year on Labor Day, we watched all seven "Police Academy" movies and the year before that, we witnessed all nine "Friday the 13th" movies. Of course, truth be told... I missed a total of one "Police Academy" (end of part 6, beginning of part 5) and went to bed before "Friday the 13th" parts 7 through 9.

But I'm going to try and watch all the "Rocky" movies this year. They're celebratory, right? The joy and spectacle of five movies should get me through any fatigue or boredom.

Why, you could even say I'll be like Rocky himself - pushing my body to the limits of human strength, overcoming adversity.

You could say that.

But I won't.

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