Friday, August 15, 2003

Stressful week of RA training. On Monday through Thursday, we trained an average of 14 hours per day. Blargh. Blog.

Today, we were done by 3:30pm. Yay.

Now I've got to get the floor ready for the incoming students on Monday. I've got some door decorations in mind (or "door decs" as RA lingo goes). I think my residents will like them - although the jokes on them maybe a little too esoteric and whatnot. My friend Rick and I came up with them a few nights ago. It was fun at that time, but I don't know if jokes about Millard Filmore having a beard of broken phonographs is a joke that the entire world can share.

Tonight, I'm going to see "Freddy Vs. Jason"... with Steve Heuertz! There is no one better to see this movie with.

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