Friday, August 22, 2003

It's move-in time for the University of Iowa, so I've been meeting a lot of the residents on my floor. Up to 25 or so right now. The rest will probably be here by tomorrow. They all seem to be kool kats - friendly guys with lots of enthusiasm. It's infectious being around this sort of spirit.

In the afternoons, I've been working on the back dock of Burge Dorm. What happens is... people pull into the back of Burge, then I (and others) unload their boxes and stuff from their cars, put it on carts, wheel it up to their rooms, and unload. It's a sweaty, heavy job, but the time goes by fast. Plus, you get to see two great things: A) family dysFUNction and B) funny dads.

This one dad pulled into the back of Burge, playing AC/DC loudly on his car stereo. You could tell he thought it was because college kids would think its cool.

Silly dad. Kids like Fifty Cent!

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