Monday, April 18, 2005

Last Wednesday, my sterling roommate/cool-dude-friend Adam left Los Angeles to visit Iowa. He'll be there until early June, which means for nearly 6 weeks, I'll have the Robinson Street apartment to myself.

Don't worry, folks. I've taken the proper precautions to living alone. Yes, I have smeared tar on all the stairs in my basement. And of course, I placed glass Christmas decorations next to my windows. And what goes without saying, I released many tarantulas, so I can later place them on burgulars' chests in my most dire need.

Let's just hope that a scary, old man on my block doesn't put me in his barrel of salt and turn me into a mummy.

Do you like these scenarios? Do they sound funny/heartwarming to you? If so, may I suggest renting The Pagemaster? Your family will thank you!

Reminder: I'll try to make you laugh at...

The Comedy Store Belly Room
(8433 Sunset Blvd)
Tuesday, April 19th - 8pm

Paul Rust
Laura Carson
John Halecky
Gareth Berrow
Mike Hollingsworth
Rick Mitchell
Danforth France

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