Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's!


Sucker! The cable guy totally DID come yesterday. He did NOT have to cancel. Ha-ha-ha. Gotcha! How does it feel to be punk'd/punked/p'nkd/practical jok'd?

For all those of you who are crying right now... many apologies. But that's what happens when you read the blog of... THE MASTER OF DISASTER!

If you enjoy jokes like this, make sure to check out my "hilarious, ground-breaking stand-up routine"*** at...

@ The M-Bar
(1253 Vine St)
Monday, April 4th - 8:30pm
w/ Paul F. Tompkins, Michelle Biloon, Wayne Federman, Jen's Revenge, and Kirk Zipfel

*** (source: Practical Jok'd Weekly)

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