Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Last Saturday evening, Adam, Chris, B-max (visiting from Berkeley), and myself were driving back from Universal Studios (my third trip to the immortal theme park within the last four weeks).

Waiting in traffic, Chris points out how to our left is the Vivid Entertainment building - an enterprise specializing in pornographic materials (i.e. videos, DVD's, and zoetrope lindies). Chris jokes that inside the building, people are having sex. This is a good joke because:

A) It is absurd to believe that just because it's a pornographic business, people must automatically be engaging in sexual intercourse and...
2) That anybody would be working on a Saturday evening anyway

So we look up at the building in question. And wouldn't you know? Through the windows on the top floor, we see large set-lights... a woman (with her back turned) taking off her bra... and a naked man walking around the room.

Indeed, sex was being had. And indeed, a porno was being shot.

Ever since then, we all scour Los Angeles - Chris prophesizing that people are having sex in buildings and us eagerly looking to see the truth.

Yesterday, we saw two people doin' it in the Prudential Financial building.

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