Tuesday, November 30, 2004

If you are the 15,000th person to read my blog (look at the web-counter on the right), you are REQUIRED BY LAW to sign my guestbook.

Wow. Two entries in a row where I demand you to sign my guestbook. This blog is so high-mantienance!

Tonight, I will be attending the cast-and-crew party/premiere screening of The Real Gilligan's Island, which begins tonight on TBS. As you may remember, I logged for this program a few weeks ago.

And what aspect of the party am I most excited for?

To see the castaways, of course! These are people who I watched on tape for hours and hours. And hours. I've witnessed them sleep, eat, argue, not argue, everything. When I was logging, I spent more time with these folks than my own friends and/or loved ones. And now, I'll be able to see them in the flesh. Woah.

I'll make sure to keep my distance though. Otherwise, I'll be inappropriately picking fights with the Professor about his excessive self-righteousness.

Professor Plum, that is! All hail Clue and Cluedo!

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Hi all. How are you?