Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The story continues...


PAUL: Hello... Well's Blue Bunny.

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: How's it going?

PAUL: Eh. Pretty good. Got a couple new jobs.

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: Yeah. I heard that. Good for you. Really... good for you.

PAUL: ... Thanks.

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: Y'know, I was thinkin'...

PAUL: Yeah?

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: I was thinkin'...

PAUL: What?

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: Maybe I was a little hard on you before.

PAUL: Oh yeah?

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: Yeah. Refusing you a job and all that. The whole "How can I trust you when you've quit once before?" thing. I over-reacted.


WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: You were a different person back then. You didn't know. You know what? I...

PAUL: ... Yeah?

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: I forgive you, Paul. I forgive you for quiting four years ago. I forgive you.

PAUL: Well... thanks.

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: I forgive you so much, in fact, that... I'm willing to give you a job. Would you like that? A new job at me: Well's Blue Bunny?

PAUL: Seriously?

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: Mr. Rust, I am for real.

PAUL: Wow.

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: So how 'bout it?

PAUL: I guess there's only one thing I can say... kiss my ass!


PAUL: Kiss my ass!

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: Now, you wait a gosh-darn second, mister. I don't think you know what you're doing!

PAUL: I know exactly what I'm doing! I'm saying, "Kiss my ass!"

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: Well, I never!

PAUL: You can keep your crummy job! Me and my friends Super Wal-Mart and Ameri-Host are doin' just fine! We've made plans to see "The Bourne Supremacy" together!

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: Really? (pause) Could I... could I come?

PAUL: Sure. Sure, you can come, Well's Blue Bunny. Just go inside, get your jacket, and then we'll go, okay?

WELL'S BLUE BUNNY: I'll be back in a flash!

Well's Blue Bunny runs inside his house. Paul looks around for a moment... then flips the bird, puts up his collar, and high-tails it to Ameri-Host's house to watch the "White Chicks" trailer on the Internet.

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