Monday, June 28, 2004

Late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, Rick and I are attending a special midnight screening of "Spiderman 2: Miracle of the White Stallions." We're traveling to a town 45 minutes away to see it. Will it be worth it?

The White Stallions say "Yes!"

I'm super-excited for it. Midnight screenings are fun because eager audiences will applaud anything. "The lights are going down?" APPLAUSE! "The first preview?" APPLAUSE! "R2-D2 uses mini-jets to fly?" NO APPLAUSE!

That's right. In "Attack of the C(l)ones," when R2-D2 does his first-ever on-screen flight, I began clapping and cheering uproariously... and no one joined me! And it was a midnight screening, too. With nerdy "Star Wars" fans filling the audience. Who had drank a lot of Mountain Dew.


But yeah... it's the most-anticipated summer movie for me. Screw having "too high of expectations." I hate that shit. Be excited for something.


What summer movie have I been most excited for in my 23 years, you ask? Batman Returns in 1992, of course. I went on opening night... and I wore a Batman Returns t-shirt my mom had bought me at Wal-Mart earlier that day.

Why aren't any of you wearing Batman Returns t-shirts?


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