Saturday, March 26, 2005

Remember the Alamo!

No. Seriously, guys. Remember the Alamo? And Balki? And those California Raisins? Weren't the 80's weird?!

Ah, yes. The 80's. We danced along with those California Raisins. We strangled Balki behind a Hardee's in South Dakota. But sadly, we never stepped foot in the Alamo.

Or at least, I haven't. Probably still won't either. Even though I'm an hour-and-a-half away from San Antonio.

Cuz you see, right now, I'm visiting my friend Louise in Austin, Texas.

It's been fun. Over the past couple days, we've gone to a German village called Frederichsburg (reubens!), attended a screening of Taxi Driver (bloodshed!), and got caught in an honest-to-goodness rainstorm (God's bloodshed!).

This evening, we spent our time at the Alamo Drafthouse, a movie theatre where you can eat dinner (reubens!) and watch movies at the same time. We were treated to a screening of Weird Science - including a Q&A with actor Ilan Mitchell-Smith who so-famously portrayed "Wyatt."

Apparently, it's not just we humans who are attracted to hot food, former child stars, and the screen debuts of Wallace Langham. 3/4 into the movie, a giant, guinea-pig-sized rat scurried across our table. I spotted it first. Louise confirmed it. For the rest of the movie, we cowered in fear - feet on our seats, arms at our side.

What would you do if a rat scurried across your table during Weird Science?

This Easter, folks, make sure to take some time out and ask yourself that question:


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