Monday, December 06, 2004

I filled out a survey. It goes from #13 (bad luck) to #1 (foam fingers at Vikings games). Let's do this already!

THIRTEEN random things you like:
1) donkey brown (the color)
Louis CK
3) sleep/naps
4) drawings of wolves
5) kissing
6) "The Concept" by Teenage Fanclub
7) Northridge, California
8) Springtime
9) Roger Lyons
10) audio commentaries
11) Magic Star Traveller
12) girls
this picture

TWELVE movies (it's unspecified what kind of movies this survey wants, so I'll just write down the last 12 I've seen - from most recent to most not-recent)
1) Gremlins
2) It's a Wonderful Life
3) Jurassic Park 3
4) 1941
5) The Day After
6) Used Cars
7) Melvin and Howard
8) Kinsey
9) Who Framed Roger Rabbit
10) Amadeus
11) Poltergeist
12) Rear Window

ELEVEN good bands/artists:
(this also functions as your next mix-tape)
1) Big Star ("The Ballad of El Goodo")
2) Gerry and the Pacemakers ("I Like It")
3) Pavement ("AT&T")
4) Velvet Underground ("Candy Says")
5) Michael Jackson ("2000 Watts")
6) Chad and Jeremy ("World Without Love")
7) Quasi ("Poisoned Well")
8) Jonathan Richman ("I Must Be King")
9) Pixies ("Wave of Mutilation")
10) The Beatles ("This Boy")
11) Bettie Serveert ("Palomine")

TEN things about you ... physically:

1) zits on left temple
2) scar on right eyebrow
3) chewed fingernails
4) scar by left eye
5) zits on jaw
6) scar on right pinky
7) poofy hair
8) zits on shoulders
9) large nose
10) hung like a bear

1) Neil "Neilerdude" Campbell
2) Mike "Cassa-role" Cassady
3) Scott "Scottles" Ferguson
4) Brian "B-max" Kessler
5) Mickey "Cap'n" McKeon
6) Adam "Madam Ovary" Pash
7) Amy "Big Sis" Rust
8) Chris "Crispy" Stangl
9) Emily "Yo Shutterbug" Yoshida

EIGHT favorite food/drinks:
(If I'm ever executed, this will all be included in my last meal)
1) chocolate ice cream
2) Coke
3) sweet peas
4) Grilled Stuffed Burrito (TM)
5) tuna fish
6) cheeseburger
7) peanut butter toast
8) reuben sandwich

SEVEN people you’ve kissed:
(Geeze Louise. This survey's got a bad case of the "nose-ies")
1) Michele Thompson
2) Jill Schipper
3) Allison Reid
4) Merideth Nepstad
5) Julia Miller
6) Stephanie Hinton
7) Leah Dugan

SIX things that annoy you:
1) the government
2) the taxes
3) the neighbors
4) the kids
5) the rock-n-roll
6) the death

FIVE things you touch everyday:
1) steering wheel
2) the sink's "HOT" knob
3) cellular phone
4) the hearts of America's elderly
5) your ass

FOUR shows you watch
1) Freaks and Geeks
2) Joy Junction
3) Full House
4) The Simpsons

THREE things you wear every day:
1) socks
2) underwear
3) chainmail

TWO celebrities you have a crush on:
1) Sandy Dennis
2) Glomer

ONE thing about yourself that you want everyone to know:
I got it goin' on! (And so do you!)


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