Thursday, December 16, 2004

Although Fireball Deluxe (the sketch-comedy group I'm in) is takin' 5 for "The X-mas"... that doesn't mean we cease to entertain you!

Our website
will continue to be the "digital feather" for your "Matrix-funny bone."

On the website, you can read Neil's new, hilarious essay Film Flubs as well as Chris' equally hilarious I'm Pretending to Write for a Furniture Catalog! Finally, there is my Topanga Files, but I've already posted about that, so maybe you've read it already.

And I say that... to quote this...

"What's your thoughts on the chapter of over 300 degrees? Have you ever tipped over a Port-a-Pottie; come on, really? Some things in my second book are silly, others are really serious. Books are more serious, though I haven't gone to school to write a book. Did you enjoy it? Would you go to a movie about my books or life stories?" - Socrates

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