Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Today, I started my internship (i.e. "the official reason I came to California") at The San Francisco Cinematheque, which showcases experimental films. Today, I met the two men who will be overseeing me during the internship: Executive Director Steve Jenkins and Office Manager Steve Polta. Well... technically, I met them on Thursday at the screening, but this was the first time I talked to them and all that. They seem like cool guys. I actually watched one of Steve Polta's films at the screening on Thursday and it was impressive, so it's nice to know that you're being overseen by someone talented (and WORTHY). And today, I talked with Steve Jenkins about the Omaha music scene. And he knew his shit. So that gave him cred in my book. Plus, he's a friendly fella. More cred for you, Mr. Jenkins!

As for work, I did some research for Steve Polta about a filmmaker he was curious about. I got to look through some old film journals of the 1960's and those were pretty interesting. Man, American film scholars were all-crazy about the French New-Wave. I'm sure it was because of the stagnant Hollywood scene at that time. By the way, "all-crazy" is a new term that I'm copyrighting. Hands off!

So, yeah... my first day at the internship was cool. I think I'll like it overall (knock on your woody).

Finally, lastn night, I went to the documentary Spellbound. It was amazing.

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