Friday, May 23, 2003

So, I told you I've been sleeping a lot. But I didn't really tell you why. What a scoop!

It's because I got allergies. Baaaad. I'll sneeze five times in 30 seconds and my eyes will start watering and my nose will start running and my head will be all stuffed up. It sucks... ASS! So, I take a decongestant (sp), which of course has antihestamenes (sp!), which knock me out cold. My sister Amy tells me that we're going to get some non-antehestamene decongestants (SP!!!). That way, I can get rid of my allergies without entering into a coma.

I got my haircut in LeMars before I left for Berkeley. I got it cut short. Like crew-cut. My mom tells me this is not a good look for me. She says, "it doesn't work with my face." She's right. Short hair makes my big nose bigger. When my hair is longer and sticks up, it puts things in their somewhat-right place. On top of that, my bad complexion has gotten worse. I got these sore-ass under-the-skin zits on my face. I hate them. So, now, I've got a bigger nose and worse complexion with a leaky face and blood-shot eyes.

I am ugly.

And being surrounded by California's movie stars and babes in bikini, I feel even uglier.

On a lighter note, I discovered that the new "Ghostbusters" is the hit song "Hot in Here" (sp). For instance...

Joe: "Hey, Cathy, can we open a window? It's getting hot in here."
Cathy: (singing) "So take off all your clothes."

This is the new "Ghostbusters" because...

Joe: "Hey, Cathy, can I use your phone?"
Cathy: "Sure. Who you gonna' call?"
Joe: (singing) "Ghostbusters!"

This is similar to my earlier discovery in the modern advancement of jokes. Before, one would say...

Cathy: "If you looked up "dork" in the dictionary, you'd see a picture of Joe."
But now, in our brave, new world, it's...
Cathy: "Do you want to see Joe on the Internet? Go to!"

My question to you is: Why did I use Cathy and Joe, the names of my Aunt and Uncle?

On a sidenote, I have a theory that everybody has an Aunt Cathy. Everybody. Check it out. It's true.

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