Friday, May 30, 2003

I just went poop. There was no toilet paper to wipe my butt, so I used Kleenex. I feel like a king.

Man, I've been watching a lot of movies lately. Tonight, I went to A Decade Under the Influence. The nights before, I watched Godard's A Woman is A Woman and Wynorski's Munchie . And in the past weekend, I've watched a slew of Woody Allen (Bananas, Love and Death, and Zelig). But this is good. When I'm in school, film classes make me busy and ironically keep me from watching movies. Summertime's movie-watching time.

In addition, it's also movie-writing time. I haven't mentioned this, but I'm actually writing two scripts. One is my own. And the other is for this feller I know named Louie. Apparently, Louie saw my movie "America's Funniest American" and liked the script and thought I could maybe help him out with his. The process goes like this: He emails me a scene with some rough action and I give it dialogue - based on character descriptions he's previously given me. So far, I've really enjoyed it. It's fun "writing for hire." You're not so constrained by your own intentions and you can just give somebody what they want. That sounds totally UN-artistic, I know. But it actually allows a lot of creativity to transpire. And Louie's a cool guy, so that's good.

And you're a cool person, too. Be proud!

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