Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Last week, I received some exciting news about a role in a movie. And today, it was officially announced in Variety.

You can read about it online here

Next Monday, I leave for Vancouver - where I'll be shooting until the end of May. I'm really excited!

If you'd like, you can catch me in a couple shows before I leave LA:

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (long-form improv)
Friday, February 29 - 11pm
UCB THEATRE (5919 Franklin Ave - Los Angeles)

Friday, February 29 - midnight
UCB THEATRE (5919 Franklin Ave - Los Angeles)



Anonymous said...

Congrats you lucky bastard! Hayden is the hottest girl in hollywood right now and millions of guys would kill to be in your shoes. Do us geeks proud man! ;)

BTW any sex scenes with Hayden or is she naked?

shaun said...

Saw "Last Day" tonight, glad I did! I just had heard about your great news and counted my lucky stars we got in (crazy sell out yo..did I just said "yo"?) Best line tonight was you yelling at Heather as the talking chair, "I knew about you already!"
So, really that is awesome! You hear this saying but it truly does pertain to you immensely. "It couldn't have happen to a nicer guy". I look at you as proof one doesn't have to be a shithead to make it in this town.
Now, take lotsa pictures and post em' somewhere! A lot of people will never get to star in a movie and would love to see it threw your eyes.

Ashley! said...

Congratulations, Paul!
Can't say I didnt see it coming.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you was just awesome in the "I Love You, Beth Cooper"!

For some reason I prefer such comedies more and more lately :)

Hayden and you just made this movie. Thanks, that was my pleasure to watch it.

All the best from Russia .)